How to replace your cabin air filter


Changing your vehicle’s cabin air filter only takes a few minutes and helps protect your lungs…

Modern cars often feature cabin air filters. These useful automotive parts filter any air that’s going to blow out the vents, so particles like dust, pollen and pollutants don’t make it into the passenger compartment (at least when the windows are closed). Not to be confused with the air filters that keep contaminants out of the engine, cabin air filters protect your interior and are great for when you’re driving during the height of allergy season or on a traffic-congested highway.

The first step to changing your car’s cabin air filter is finding where it’s located. The filter is readily accessible in most vehicles that sport them, but the location varies widely from model to model. In some cars, the cabin air filters are located under the hood, while in others they’re under the dashboard or behind the glove compartment. The owner’s instruction manual will usually tell you where it is, or you can ask a dealer or other automotive

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